Chevrolet Dual, Detroit

Chevrolet Dual, Detroit


Finish 21

Max's Race Report


Following a successul debut at the 100th running of the Indy 500 there was no rest for Max and his #8 Gallagher Chip Ganassi team as the IndyCar show headed straight to Detroit for a double header.  The challenging and bumpy road course would be a tough test for man and machine and so it proved over the course of both races.

In the first race of the weekend endured a mechanical failure on lap 11 of the 70 lap race and hit the outside wall, sliding to a stop, ruling out a positive finish.  It’s understood that something broke in the steering column.  Max commented:

“We started 18th. We knew we had to go forward, so I pushed like mad for the first eight laps. People pitted early and then my pace didn’t drop off so we thought we might as well keep going. We finally made the stop because we needed fuel and then my out lap was mega.  As soon as I came out of the pits I felt like I had a very strong front end. The steering was heavy but I still had the grip so I thought maybe it was just the black tires. Then, I think it was the third time down the back straight everything felt normal and then as I went left for the kink, and my wheel just went left. I was just a passenger from that point. Something gave way on the column because I couldn’t take the wheel off when I got out.”
In race 2 Max’s luck did not get any better as he was involved in an incident on Lap 1 at the first corner.  It ended with contact with the left side of his car to round off a difficult weekend.
“I’m not sure what happened out there at the start but it’s a shame our day ended so quickly. We were planning on taking our time at the start and just getting the Gallagher car through cleanly, but that didn’t happen. The car remained on the course for the race so we’ll have to wait until it gets back to look over the data and see exactly what went wrong.”
Next up is the Firestone 600 in Texas where Max hopes to keep the pressure on his rookie rivals.